// Company History

Cougar Metals is focused on delivering shareholder value through capital growth by the development of mineral resources through its exploration activities.

Company History and Background

The Company was incorporated in May 2002 with the primary purpose of developing its main project in the Murchsion Province of Western Australia and also the strategically positioned Toomey Hill Nickel/Cobalt Project, hosting a high-grade nickel laterite resource near the Murrin Murrin Nickel Mine.

The Toomey Hill project was subsequently sold to Murrin Murrin operations for $6.5M.

In May 2004, the Company acquired an option over the nickel and cobalt rights at Pyke Hill (east of Leonora in Western Australia) which it subsequently exercised in November 2005. This project holds a strategic Nickel/Cobalt Resource immediately north of the Murrin Murrin East mining operations.

From 2005 through to 2012 Cougar explored the prospective Alta Floersta Gold Belt in Northern Mato Grosso, Brazil. A small scale mine was developed producing approximately 12,000 ounce of gold over the 2010-2012 period. The project was subsequently sold in 2013.

The company also formed a drilling contract business in 2007, initially to serve its own demands, however this ceased trading in 2017 due to the tough contracting conditions within Brazil.

Currently the company has a lithium exploration project in Ceara, Brazil as its sole remaining project in Brazil and an active cobalt exploration project in Chile.